Charters’ Procedure

Rent a yacht KefaloniaIf you decide to rent a yacht you should know that 2 members of the group that will rent the yacht should have licence in navigating the yacht. If that is not possible we can supply you with a skipper to navigate you where you wish without any problem.

The yacht is delivered to the charterer with full equipment. It is delivered clean, full of oil and water in its tanks and with two bottles of natural gas in the kitchen. The yacht must be redelivered by the charterer in the same good condition, as well as, with fuels, gas, etc. Otherwise the supply will be done by us with your chargement

The skipper and the supplies, in case you wish to be supplied by us, are extra services and will be charged separately.


Charters usually last for one or two weeks. They usually start on Saturday and end on Saturday.


  1. The port of Argostoli in Kefalonia
  2. The port of Sami  in Kefalonia with the charge of 150€


The payment will take place as following. You will deposit 50% of the agreed total amount in our company’s Bank account. The rest 50% of the agreed amount should be paid before the embarkation of the group on the yacht to our representative in cash or has to be deposited in our company’s Bank account.


The amount that was deposited to the owners as a guarantee will be returned to the charterers if the yacht is redelivered in good order. This will be proved by a check in done after disembarkation.


For your arrival we must be informed 2 days earlier. Please let us know what time you will be in our marina and inform us in case you need any assistance.


After booking is confirmed by either sides (by FAX or e-mail) or contract is signed and 50% of the agreed total amount is deposited then:

  1. if cancellation is done in period of 0 to 28 days before the embarkation the deposited amount will not be returned
  2. if cancellation is done in period of 29 to 56 days defore the embarkation then the 50 % of the deposited amount will be returned
  3. if cancellation is done in period more than 57 days then all the deposited amount will be returned.

Check in: Starting date/Embarkation local time: 17:00. The pilot and the co-pilot will follow the process of check in with us using the existing list of the check in of the yacht. The rest of the crew should not be on the yacht with their baggage until the check in ends.It follows the process of the departure permission by the harbour master.

Check out: Ending date/ Disembarkation local time: 9:00. The yacht must return to disembarkation port the night before ending date, one hour after sunset. If there’s a problem to return, we must be informed immediately, because the yacht must get ready for the next booking. The check out follows the same process as the check in.